Have you ever Wondered if you are Creating a Dysfunctional Family?

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Our Spring 2018 schedule will offer several classes you may want to consider taking.  We offer New testament and Old Testament classes as well as a class in practical ministries each semester.  The classes this semester will cover a variety of areas.  Please remember that your first class (for credit or audit) is absolutely free!  Audit means that you simply listen to the information being shared without having to complete any tests, exams, or class work.  Therefore, auditing classes allows you to prepare for ministry or grow in your personal knowledge without the pressures of homework or tests, etc. 

Let's look at our Psychology Class.  In this class, we will discuss the dynamic factors within the family.  Answering questions.....Have you ever wondered if you are creating a dysfunctional family?  Are you the product of a dysfunctional family?  Do you know the results in adulthood for those who come from such a family?  Do you know who you are and what you truly enjoy doing?  Do you feel guilty if you are not constantly working and serving or caring for others? 

Why not take advantage of the many classes that the college offers for your benefit?