The One Talented Church Member

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The five, two and one talent Church members were spoken by Jesus. Remember that the member with the five talents did not look down on the man with only two talents, but instead concentrated on what he could produce for the Lord.  Neither did the man with only two talents feel inferior to the man with five talents, nor did he look down upon the man who had only one talent.  He just worked as well as he could for the Master.  But the one who was condemned by Jesus was the lazy man who did not develop himself at all.  He chose to do nothing.  May we ask you then, out of gratitude for all that God has done for you, what ministry will you prepare to do in the church so that someday you will hear those words from Him: "Well done, faithful servant"?  Remember, our awesome God made us, placed us on this earth, and expects us to serve Him in ministry in some way.  Let us not disappoint the God who created us to be His servants on the face of the earth.  WILL YOU DO MINISTRY BY WORKING FOR OUR LORD IN WHATEVER WAY YOU CAN?