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The campus of Northeast Ohio Bible College (NEOBC) is located at 51049 Calcutta Smith-Ferry Road, East Liverpool, Ohio. Nestled in the Ohio River valley where Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia meet, our beautiful 14-acre campus combines the serenity of a country setting with the convenience of shopping and employment opportunities.

General Campus

  • NEOBC is a private, four-year Bible college concentrating on ministry, however you can go at your own pace.
  • NEOBC is located off PA Route 68 on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Rd in East Liverpool, Ohio which is 40 miles west of Pittsburgh.
  • NEOBC was founded in 1995. The college moved to Calcutta, Ohio in 2003.
  • The College is named in honor of its location of service to the Northeast Christian Community.  We teach both in the classroom as well as on-line.  We teach globally. 
  • NEOBC has had 3 Presidents in its 27 year history.
  • Motto: We Major in Ministry
  • Approximately 95% of NEOBC students will graduate with NO student loans to repay.


The Mission of NEOBC

Northeast Ohio Bible College (NEOBC) exists for the purpose of developing pulpit and youth ministers.  We also exist for the purpose of educating Christians in Biblical truth to be able to work in any area of ministry within the church and the community.


NEOBC Doctrine

We hold the belief that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the Living God.  We believe in the infallibility, inspiration and authority of the Bible and are committed to its principles.