I Thessalonians 2020

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NT 201
Class Hours: 
1 or 2

I Thessalonians will be approached as an exegetical class.  The class will focus upon each verse as we work through the Epistle.  Various words will be addressed that exist in the letter.  This is one of Paul's earliest letters.  It is a letter to the Christians, the Church, at Thessalonica.

Paul is now on his second missionary trip.  Paul has left Asia Minor and he is traveling down trough Macedonia (northern Greece) from Philippi.  In Acts chapter sixteen, Paul has been treated terribly at Philippi.  Paul can only stay about three weeks before he has to leave.  The Jews are seeking his life.  Paul will eventually be at Corinth; he will minister there about 18 months.  See Acts chapter eighteen for his ministry at Corinth.  This ministry at Corinth was his second longest ministry.  Paul's largest ministry was at Ephesus, when he was on his third missionary tour.  Paul wrote I Thessalonians some time shortly after being run out of Thessalonica.

The third missionary tour will commence around Acts 18:23.  That mission trip is covered in Acts chapters nineteen through twenty-one.