I & II Thessalonians 2017

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NT 205
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This NEOBC class will cover the two short New Testament epistles from the apostle Paul, writing from Corinth, to the Thessalonian Church.  These are the earliest correspondence (AD51), and he, here, deals with such issues of persecution, false teachers, Godly living, and he devotes a significant amount of material regarding end times/the return of Christ.  He is also more personal in his relationship with the people there in that church.  He gives many short statements about their faithful living for Christ and warnings about being idle.

We will study about the man Paul and how traveling, church planting and letter writing are seen in these short epistles.  We will learn about the city and culture of Thessalonia.  We will spend some considerable time in the speculative issues of the end times and his insights into the signs of the times.