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NT 302
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The Epistle to the Colossians is an exegetical study of the letter to the Colossians.  Ephesians will come later.  The class will incorporate grammatical, historical and theological information into the study of this epistle.  The historical setting is critical to the materials that will be introduced, and it will be an aid in interpreting the contents of the material in the epistle.  Paul is the author of Colossians and he has much to say to us concerning the Christian teachings found in this epistle.

The Epistle of the Ephesians is rated right along with Romans.  There is a big debate concerning whether Romans or Ephesians is the greater of Paul's epistles.  Most scholars opt for Romans, but a number still are convinced that it is Ephesians.  Paul evidently wrote Colossians first in which his themes were Christ and the universe, and Christ and the Church.  Then in Ephesians he wrote more about Christ and the Church and added the theme of Christ and man.