I Corinthians Fall 2016

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NT 303
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I Corinthians will be conducted as an exegetical class. The class will cover each verse trying to determine the content of the verse and to see how it fits into the context concerning where it is found. The class will attempt to cover the first thirteen chapters of I Corinthians. Chapters 14-16, will be covered during the second semester when II Corinthians is taught. If there ever was a Church in the New Testament that was plagued with its share of problems it was the Church at Corinth. The Church was following different men, unsure of biblical authority, abusing New Testament teachings, questioning apostolic importance, had trouble with marriage and marital relationships, demanding their own rights, defaming the Lord’s Supper, and confused tremendously over the Spiritual gifts, just to name a few of the problems that they experienced. The book of I Corinthians is an excellent study because it helps the modern church today with the issues that it is facing. The epistle also provides excellent help into solving many of those problems. The epistle provides a wealth of information concerning procedures as well as the dynamics about relationships concerning leadership authority and obedience to leadership.