II Corinthians 2017

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NT 304
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II Corinthians was written after Paul had heard a positive response from his first letter that was sent to Corinth.  After writing I Corinthians, and sending it to Corinth by Tutus, Paul thought the content of the letter may have been too sharp.  When Paul did not meet Titus in Troas, he crossed the Agean Sea into Macedonia, and nervously asked people if anyone had seen Titus.  After running into Titus in northern Greece and hearing how the first letter had been received, Paul composed II Corinthians and sent it also ahead of his arrival in Corinth.

The approach to the epistle will be a verse by verse exegesis of the material.  The student should be prepared to discuss any part of the material that is due the day of class.  Special attention will be given to the abrupt changes that are found in chapters eight and nine, and chapters ten through thirteen.