Church Growth & Administration Seminar

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PM 203
Class Hours: 

The class will include students bringing questions concerning what they see as problems in their particular congregations and in surrounding congregations.  The students must read regularly concerning textbooks and other books that pertain to Church growth and Church administration.

Topics to be addressed during class will include:                                                                                                                                                                                          What is the true model of Church work?  (See Eph. Chapter 4:11-13)  How to make a mission's program and its functioning better;  How to choose a minister;  The purpose of deacons and their work;  Are the elders really shepherding the congregation?  Is there a quality Sunday school program running and if not, how to help;  The various ministries such as greeting, ushering, caring for new Christians in Christ and new transfers, aiding the hurting and those who have lost loved ones;  How to do hospital calling and visiting at funeral homes;  The five years' plan for the congregation and how we plan to fail;  how to help prepare the bride and groom for marriage;  And on and on we will go with time permitting.