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51049 Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road
P. O. Box 2032, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920-9504

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NEOBC provides training for essential congregational leadership.

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Statement of Faith

We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. We believe in the infallibility, inspiration, and authority of the Bible and are committed to the principles of the Restoration Movement.

Our Purpose

Northeast Ohio Bible College exists to offering guidance to those who wish to reach a deeper level of knowledge in God's Word at a reasonable cost. We are committed to the training of men and women to become able workers in the Lord's Kingdom and to hold up the principles of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.

Our History

Northeast Ohio Bible College was founded in 1995 answering the need for a Bible college in northeast Ohio. The first class was offered in January of that year. Seeing the good response the college was established and the work began.

In January 2003, the Calcutta Christian Church in East Liverpool, Ohio offered the college its building and land. This was a move of Kingdom mindedness for which the church is to be commended. With an existing facility in place, the development of the college was moved ahead several years.